Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Classic Carrot Cake Cupcakes

I have some wonderful childhood memories of spending time at The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs with my cousins and grandparents- probably some of the best memories with my Papa and Meme. One of the best things about The Broadmoor is their carrot cake cupcakes. (Yes I did just tell you the best thing about a 5 star resort is a cupcake- which makes me pretty sure I'm on the right path career wise) Those cupcakes are amazing! So amazing that they sell out really fast- so before we even went to breakfast every morning we would pop into the bakery and snag one....or twelve. When I was asked to create a carrot cake cupcake I thought- how can I ever make mine as good as The Broadmoor's?! Well, simple is best...and that's exactly what mine are. There aren't any frills or surprises in this one- just classic yummy carrot cake. Of course, it's all about the frosting so I did my best. Now I'm not sure they are as good as The Broadmoor's- but I sure hope they are pretty darn close. Enjoy!

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